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Comma Splices FAQ

Comma splices are a type of run on sentence error that pop up frequently in writing even for those with good skills. In order to correct these types of mistakes you must either become familiar with the rules governing run on sentences or use a comma splice checker to detect and correct comma splices.

A comma splice occurs when two or more independent clauses are combined into a single sentence with no coordinating conjunction. An independent clause has a subject (person or thing performing the action), a verb (the action performed) and expresses a complete thought. Independent clauses are simple sentences that can stand alone and still make sense. The following are some questions and answers that will help you to better understand comma splices.

Q: Is a comma splice wrong?

A: Comma splices are considered grammatically incorrect. A comma is not considered strong enough to combine two independent clauses into one sentence. In some cases comma splices can make it more difficult for the reader to understand your text. Whenever a comma is used without a coordinating conjunction to join independent clauses you have a form of run on sentence and it is a grammatical error.

Q: How do you know if a sentence is a comma splice?

A: The first step to identifying comma splices is to understand what an independent clause is. An independent clause is a simple sentence that has a subject, a verb, and expresses a complete thought. You must also know what a coordinating conjunction is. Coordinating conjunctions can be remembered using the acronym “Fanboy” (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). When you come across two independent clauses joined by a comma but that doesn’t include one of these coordinating conjunctions you have a comma splice. Doing a check for comma splices can be difficult and confusing for some people. They may want to employ an is this a run on sentence checker to detect comma splices.

Q: How do you fix a comma splice?

A:  There are several ways how to fix comma splice errors once you identify them. Some of the most common methods include:

how to correct run on sentences and comma splices
  • Change the comma splice into two sentences. Replace the comma with a period and capitalize the word following the period.
  • Add coordinating conjunction. After the comma add a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) to fix the comma splice.
  • Replace the comma with another type of punctuation. In place of the comma use a stronger form of punctuation such as a semi-colon, colon, dash or ellipsis to separate the independent clauses
  • Make one of the independent clauses a dependent clause. Add subordinating conjunction to one of the independent clauses to make it a dependent clause in order to eliminate the comma splice
  • Use an online tool to find comma splice mistakes and correct them. One of the most efficient ways how to correct run on sentences and comma splices is to visit a fix comma splice website and use their tool to detect and correct errors.

Q: What are some comma splice examples and corrections?

A: If you are still asking yourself is my sentence a comma splice and how do I fix it, the following are some comma splice examples with corrections to further enlighten you:

  • Example: “Mike went to the store, he bought milk.” Correction: “Mike went to the store. He bought milk.” The comma splice was made into two sentences by replacing the comma with a period.
  • Example: “I am going to the beach, Susan is coming with me.” Correction: “I am going to the beach, and Susan is coming with me.” The coordinating conjunction “and” was added to correct the comma splice.
  • Example: “Mary is very tired, she ran a marathon today.” Correction: “Mary is very tired because she ran a marathon today.” The second independent clause “she ran a marathon today” was made into a dependent clause by adding the subordinating conjunction “because”.

Don’t worry if you still aren’t sure how to find comma splices and correct them. We offer an online tool that will greatly simplify the task.

About Our Comma Splice Identifier

You never need to ask how can I check my paper for comma splices again because we provide a tool that does it for you. Our run-on sentence detector will identify comma splices and other run on sentences in your paper as well as provide suggestions on how to correct these mistakes. The tool isn’t limited to checking and correcting run on sentences. It will also find sentence fragments in your paper as well as functioning as a spelling checker, dictionary checker and punctuation checker. The tone and word usage in text is examined and our writing tool also identifies whether you are using active or passive voice in your text. Once all errors are identified, the sentence corrector provides suggestions on how to fix mistakes making it the perfect tool for performing proofreading and editing tasks.

How to Use Our Comma Splice Corrector

Using our comma splice finder is easy and requires no special skills or training. Just take the following steps to analyze your text for comma splices and other mistakes:

how to use comma splice checker
  • Enter your text. Copy and paste your text into the field provided.
  • Begin text analysis. Click the button to start the analyzing process
  • Receive your report. You will receive a report identifying comma splices and other errors in your text. This includes suggestions on how to correct those mistakes
  • Make the suggested corrections

Once you completed the suggested corrections and adjustments the final product is a well polished paper ready for submission.

Criteria for Choosing a Comma Splice Corrector

There are many tools available online for those seeking help with comma splices. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the right sentence fixer.

  • Accuracy. You want a tool that is very accurate so all mistakes are identified
  • Speed. The tool should be fast and accomplish its task quickly
  • Corrections. Preferably the tool you select will suggest how to correct the mistakes it detects
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable. If it doesn’t fit your budget you can’t use it
  • Flexible. A good sentence corrector will have additional features so that it can detect multiple types of errors

Our online comma splice fixer excels in all these areas. It is very accurate and will complete a text analysis in one minute or less including suggestions on corrections to make. The tool is free and quite easy to use, and checks for many different types of errors in text. To top it off it works well for any type of writing from academic papers, to blog posts, emails, memos, letters or any other type of writing you may have to proofread and edit. 

Try our comma splice checker today to produce well polished and error-free text on every writing assignment.