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Why You Need an Incomplete Sentence Checker

Chances are that you have encountered incomplete sentences, also known as sentence fragments in your writing. They are a common mistake and one way to detect and correct them is by using an incomplete sentence checker. Incomplete sentences can affect how your message is received, can cause miscommunication and make your writing harder to understand. Detecting sentence fragments can be difficult and time consuming but using a grammar tool to check for incomplete sentences will make it easier.

How to Find and Fix Incomplete Sentences

Incomplete sentences are a grammatical error that plagues many writers at one time or another. In order to help you better understand incomplete sentences we have provided answers to some of the most common questions people ask about them.

How do I check for incomplete sentences in my writing?

A: To know if a sentence is incomplete you must know what it takes to make a complete sentence. Every sentence must have three elements. It must have a subject (person or thing performing the action), a verb (the action) and express a complete thought. A group of words lacking one or more of these elements is an incomplete sentence. The following are some examples of incomplete sentences:

  • Example #1: “Biked to the store to buy milk.” The reader doesn’t know who biked to the store as there is no subject so it is an incomplete sentence.
  • Example #2: “The plane I was on.” Plane is the subject but there is no verb so this is a sentence fragment.
  • Example #3: “Under the fence.” There is no subject or verb in the phrase so it is an incomplete sentence.
  • Example #4: “Because he was always late.” This is a sentence fragment because it doesn’t express a complete thought.

If you are unable to detect incomplete sentences on your own there is another viable option. Use an app to tell you if it’s an incomplete sentence.

How can you avoid incomplete sentences in your writing?

A: Obviously to avoid incomplete sentences when you write make sure every sentence expresses a complete thought and has a subject and verb. This is easier said than done which is why sentence fragments are such a common mistake. One solution is to employ a find the incomplete sentence online helper to identify sentence fragments.

How do I know how to fix incomplete sentences as well as identify them?

A: There are several different ways to identify and fix incomplete sentences depending on what type of sentence fragment it is:

how to find and fix incomplete sentences
  • Missing subject: “Biked to the store to buy milk.” Correction: “Joe biked to the store to buy milk.” A subject was added.
  • Missing verb: “The plane I was on.” Correction: “The plane I was on landed.” A verb was added to the phrase.
  • Missing subject and verb: “Under the fence.” Correction: “The dog dug under the fence.” Both a subject and verb were added to the incomplete sentence.
  • Dependent (subordinate) clause: “Because he was always late.” Correction: “John was fired because he was always late.” The independent clause “John was fired” was added to the dependent clause.
  • Use our free incomplete sentence corrector: a fragment detector such as the one we offer will identify any type of incomplete sentence in your text. It will also provide you with suggestions on how you can correct the mistake.

Why should I use your incomplete sentences finder instead of one of the others available online to fix sentence fragments?

A: There are a number of reasons to choose our writing tool over the others available. Our tool is very accurate and will detect every type of sentence fragment in your text as well as provide suggested corrections you can make. It is fast and takes only seconds to analyze your text, identify fragments and recommend corrections. Our fragment corrector is also affordable and is a free fix incomplete sentences tool. These are just a few of the reasons why it is the best way how to find incomplete sentences free online and fix them.

Additional Functions of Our Incomplete Sentence Analyzer

The ability of our tool to detect and correct incomplete sentences accurately and quickly is reason enough to use it, but it also performs many other functions that you will appreciate. It performs as a run on sentence and comma splice checker by detecting these types of grammatical errors and recommending corrections to fix them. Other types of mistakes it identifies and suggests corrections for include spelling, punctuation and other grammar mistakes. It can be considered a free grammar, incomplete sentence and punctuation checker and corrector and is ideal for assisting you with the proofreading and editing process.

How to Use Our Sentence Fragment Checker

One of the strengths of our sentence fragment checker is how easy it is to analyze your text. To use the tool just follow these steps:

how to use incomplete sentence checker
  • Enter the text. Copy and paste the text you want to be analyzed into the provided field.
  • Initiate text analysis. Click the button to start analyzing your text for incomplete sentences and other errors
  • Receive text analysis. You will receive a report identifying sentence fragments and other errors in your text. The report includes recommended corrections to fix the mistakes detected.
  • Make the recommended corrections to your text

Ease of use isn’t our writing tool’s only strengths. Some of the other benefits it provides include:

  • Works with any type of text. Our sentence fixer works equally well on academic papers and essays, memos, letters, emails, articles, blog posts or any other type of text you have to proofread and edit.
  • Budget-friendly. It is free so fits any budget
  • Saves time. Most text analysis will be completed in under a minute. This can shave hours off the editing process.

The next time you have text to proofread and edit for sentence fragments and other grammatical errors try our incomplete sentence checker and see how your writing improves.