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About Our Is This a Run on Sentence Checker

Run on sentences are a type of grammatical error that can give even experienced writers problems. Using our is this a run on sentence checker to find and correct comma splices and fused sentence is one way to eliminate this type of error from your writing. The run on sentence finder we offer detects every run on sentence in your text and provides suggestions on how to repair the mistakes it detects. Not only does our tool help you to detect and fix run on sentences, it also functions as an incomplete sentence checker for detecting and correcting sentence fragments in your writing. In addition to locating and correcting fragments and run ons, our writing tool functions as a dictionary checker, spelling checker and punctuation checker as well as inspecting your word usage. It also examines the tone in your text and identifies whether you are using active or passive voice and suggests adjustments you can make to your text to ensure you are using the appropriate tone and voice to get your message across to the reader. Using our run on sentence tester is so easy practically anyone can avail themselves of it as it requires no special skills or training. Just follow these simple steps:

how to use is this a run on sentence checker
  • Enter your text. Copy and paste the text you want analyzed into the field provided.
  • Initiate text analysis. Click the button to start the analyzing process
  • Receive your report. A report is provided identifying all the run on errors and other mistakes in your text, including suggested corrections and adjustments that should be made
  • Make the necessary corrections and adjustments to your text

How to Check for Run on Sentences

To fix run on sentences you need to first be able to recognize one when you see it. The first step to identifying run on sentences is to understand what an independent clause is. An independent clause is a simple sentence that has a subject, a verb and expresses a complete thought or idea. There are two basic types of run on sentences:

  • Fused sentences. A fused sentence is a type of run on sentence that occurs when two or more independent clauses are combined into one sentence without the use of punctuation or coordinating conjunction. Example: “I have a dog his name is Spot.”
  • Comma splice. Comma splices happen when two or more independent clauses are combined in a single sentence by using a comma with no coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). Example: “I have a dog, he likes to dig holes.”

For those having difficulty recognizing run on sentences on their own, using a run-on checker will make the task much easier.

How to Correct a Run on Sentence in Your Text

Once you have identified them the next step to a well polished paper is correcting run on sentences in your text. There are several different approaches you can take to fixing run on sentence mistakes. The most common include:

how to correct a run on sentence
  • Use periods and capitalization to separate independent clauses. Place a period between the independent clauses and capitalize the word following the period. Example: “I have a dog his name is Spot.” Correction: “I have a dog. His name is Spot.”
  • Use a semi-colon. Example: “I have a dog his name is Spot.” Correction: “I have a dog; his name is Spot.”
  • Add coordinating conjunction. Example: “I have a dog, he likes to dig holes.” Correction: “I have a dog, and he likes to dig holes.”
  • Use subordinating conjunction to separate the two independent clauses. Subordinating conjunction makes an independent clause into a dependent clause. Example: “Spot is a bad dog, he likes to dig holes.” Correction: “Spot is a bad dog because he likes to dig holes.”

Still asking how to fix my run on sentence? That’s understandable as many people have the same problem. One solution is to fix run on sentences online free using our runon sentence checker.

Advantages of Using Our Run on Corrector

Our run on corrector is one of the most useful tools you will find when you are undertaking proofreading and editing tasks. As mentioned above it not only detects run on sentences and many other types of errors in your writing; it also suggestions on how you can correct these mistakes. That alone is a huge advantage. However, there are some other benefits to be gained when you correct run on sentences online using our tool:

  • Works on any type of text. Our sentence corrector works equally well whether you are editing academic papers and essays, letters, emails, blog posts, articles, memos or any other type of text
  • Saves time. Depending on the length of the text our tool will identify all errors and suggest corrections in a minute or less. Doing the same thing manually could take you hours.
  • Eliminates human error. People get tired or become careless and may overlook mistakes. That isn’t an issue with our corrector.
  • Affordable. It is free to use our tool.
  • Easy to use. No special skills or training required to use our run-on detector.

These are some of the reasons why our tool is in such high demand with users online. 

When proofreading and editing for fused sentences and comma splices try our is this a run on sentence checker and experience the advantages and benefits for yourself.