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The popularity of an online sentence correction app to polish any type of writing has increased significantly in recent years across domains worldwide. Numerous online tools are emerging in the marketplace to help writers auto correct sentence mistakes like comma splices, run-on sentences, fragments, and others.

Let’s have a look at the criticality of a complete sentence checker, the most common sentence mistakes, the effective ways to correct them, and the top features and benefits of using an online sentence validator tool.

Importance of Grammar Sentence Check

It is very important to check your text thoroughly to find and fix the most common mistakes such as grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and sentence mistakes. There are certain reasons for you to make sure your text is free from all those mistakes. A few of them are listed below:

reasons to edit my sentence
  • Your text will leave a very dull impression on readers
  • The rating of the text will go very low
  • The confidence level of the writer reduces badly
  • Writing will be denied from any publication
  • It will not achieve the desired objectives
  • Wastage of time and efforts will result in
  • Students may fail in exams with such writings
  • And numerous others

You should make sure to remove all those mistakes manually or using an English correction online tool.

Top Things I Should Care About to Make My Sentences Better

Is this sentence grammatically correct or not? You need to take care of a few very important things in a sentence to ensure that your sentence is grammatically correct. Among those things, a few are listed below:

  • The sentence should have all its major components like subject, object, verb, predicate, etc.
  • It should be free from comma splices and sentence fusions
  • There should be no run-on or fragments in the sentence
  • It should be properly punctuated
  • No spelling mistake should be there
  • The clauses of sentences should be properly connected
  • No misuse of passive and active voice should be present
  • It should be free from preposition and prepositional phrase mistakes
  • There should be no subject-verb disagreement
  • No tense verb shifts should exist within the sentence parts
  • No weak choices of words should be used
  • And many others

You can also use an English sentences corrector online tool to make sure your sentence is free from all of the above-mentioned issues.

Top 10 Common Mistakes to Take Care of While Sentence Revision

Is this sentence correct or incorrect in my text? You need to take care of a wide range of common mistakes related to grammar, sentence structure, writing styles, spelling, and punctuation that frequently occur in most types of writings. The top 10 mistakes among them that you should take care of while using a sentence error checker are mentioned below:

common errors to fix with sentence corrector
  1. Run-on sentence – This mistake is one of the most common in writing, especially among the people who use English as a foreign language (EFL). In this mistake, the proper punctuation is missing to separate the clauses of the sentence.
  2. Tautologies – In this type of mistake, the writers use words with the same meaning repeatedly, which makes the sentence look unprofessional.
  3. Wordy sentences – Using extra words without any need is one of the most common mistakes found in all types of writings. In this type of mistake, the writer uses a group of words to express an idea, which could easily be expressed through a single suitable word.
  4. Ambiguous reference of pronoun – When some pronouns referring to a person are not clear and create ambiguity is known as ambiguous pronoun reference. It is one of the top mistakes found in writings.
  5. Excessive use of adverbs – This type of mistake occurs when a proper strong word is not used for expressing the idea instead a long string of words with excessive use of adverbs is used.
  6. Squinting modifier – Squinting modifier mistake is related to misplaced adverbs to modify the phrase, noun, verb, or pronoun in an ambiguous way. This mistake is very common in numerous types of writings.
  7. Comma splices – The comma splicing mistakes are related to joining two independent clauses of a complex or compound sentence with a comma rather than using period or semicolon signs, which are the right choice in this case.
  8. Misuse of “could of” – In this type of common mistake, writers use the word “could of” instead of “could have”, which is the correct use of the word.
  9. Incorrect use of “lay” and “lie” – This a very common mistake, which is likely to appear in almost all types of writings. Numerous writers use the word “lay” when the correct use should be “lie” and vice versa.
  10. Excessive use of prepositional phrases – The excessive use of prepositional phrases in sentences is another common mistake made by a wide range of writers. This mistake also relates to the improper choice of words.

To overcome all those common mistakes, you can use an online grammar and sentence structure checker instantly.

Top 12 Effective Ways to Correct My Sentences Grammatically Like A Pro

How to check whether the sentence is right or wrong? For this purpose, you need to use different ways to find and fix a wide range of mistakes in your text.

effective ways to correct my sentence
  1. Self-editing method – This method is the most basic and commonly used by all writers to check and fix their respective work by themselves. In this method, the writer should be knowledgeable and expert at all aspects of grammar.
  2. Cross-editing – In this method, two friends can double-check their text interchangeably. This method gives an additional layer for the correction of mistakes.
  3. Taking teacher’s help – This method can help you detect the remaining mistakes that you could not find and fix.
  4. Leverage workshops – You can improve your grammar and sentences by leveraging workshops for English learning and editing.
  5. Check punctuation thoroughly – It is a good approach to separate different functions of correcting sentences. Focus on punctuation in the entire text and sentences.
  6. Check for run-on and comma splices – Check your sentences for run-on and comma splices multiple times.
  7. Eliminate wordiness expressions – The lengthy and messy sentences create numerous types of other mistakes; so, it is an effective way to remove wordiness and to make sentences simple and clear.
  8. Research online for grammatical issues – Online research is one of the most effective ways in making your writing more professional by finding out about the most common mistakes and their respective corrections.
  9. Avoid excessive use of passive voice – By doing this, you will make your sentences look more clear, meaningful, and attractive.
  10. Remove verb-subject disagreements – This is a very basic mistake in a sentence. Make sure no such mistake exists in your text.
  11. Use professional editing services – You can choose professional editing services, which are available for a small fee. It will edit your text manually to correct your sentences.
  12. Use online incomplete sentence analyzer – Using an online sentences helper to edit my sentence is one of the most popular methods extensively used by writers from all types of writers across a wide range of domains globally.

It is important to note that all manual methods are likely to skip a few grammatical mistakes in your text, but an online sentence quality checker can detect mistakes thoroughly.

How to Check My Sentence for Grammar to Boost Writing Productivity?

The effective use of modern technologies, such as the sentence improver online tool, is the most powerful way to instantly boost the productivity of your writing. It helps you check the mistakes in your writing instantly and helps you learn about the latest trends and tools in editing.

The top methods for checking and fixing sentences include the following:

  • Manual editing and proofreading  
  • Automated editing and proofreading

Manual editing is a long process, which requires knowledge, expertise, and experience. On the other hand, the automated process is fast, instant, and requires no knowledge or expertise at all. Thus, choose the right English corrector tool for improving the productivity and efficiency of your writing skill.

How to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes in Writings with Our Sentence Fixer?

Our specialized fragment fixer online tool is a very powerful help to avoid embarrassing mistakes in your writing. Is this a proper sentence checker tool that I should really choose for? Yes, you can choose it without any hesitation.

It can detect and fix the following mistakes easily:

  • Sentence fragments and run-on sentences
  • Comma splices and fused sentences
  • Misuses of active and passive voices
  • Misuses of prepositional phrases
  • Preposition mistakes and ambiguous use of modifiers
  • Misuses of pronoun references
  • Detection of tautologies and wrong word choices
  • Pronoun, proverb, noun, and adjective mistakes
  • Spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Subject-verb disagreements and tense-verb shifts
  • Text tone and plagiarized content
  • Styles and tautologies
  • Wordiness and word choice mistakes
  • And much more

Salient features of our online tool:

  • Powered by cutting-edge technologies
  • Embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language process (NLP) technologies
  • Highly accurate results as compared to numerous other competitors
  • Detects a wide range of attributes of a good writing
  • Offers capabilities to detect a wide range of mistakes
  • The algorithm integrates numerous linguistic rules, expert feedback, and modern writing standards
  • A continual improvement mechanism
  • Over 99.99% availability
  • Higher performance with instant results
  • And much more

Top advantages to students and writers:

  • Saves time and money
  • Improves writing productivity
  • Improves quality and efficiency
  • Helps improve learning and editing English writing
  • Available round the clock for instant use from anywhere in the world
  • Offers highly reliable results
  • Helps students achieve better grading and exam marks
  • Available for free and premiums subscription
  • No waiting queues at all
  • And much more

Examples of Common Sentence Mistakes That Sentence Editor Can Fix

  • Athletes ran very fast to reach the final post. (Excessive use of adverbs)
  • Working without any break continuously slowly weakening me. (Ambiguous modifier mistakes)
  • John was laying on the bed. (Misuse of lay)
  • He ran to the kitchen, he was so hungry. (Comma splice mistake)
  • Adam took Anne to the cinema however she likes to go skiing. (Run on sentence)
  • Anne made a cup of tea with her own hands for the entire group. (Tautology mistake)

If you are looking for a specialized sentence corrector to polish your writing, try our complete sentence checker online to make your paper free from broken sentences now!